So what is it we can do?

Bespoke Framing of artwork, sports jerseys, photographs and other items

Marco, our framing expert can frame just about anything in a wide range of profiles and colours. Give us a call for quotes or come into the shop to view the section of products available. All frames and handmade to order and are complete bespoke.

On Site Stretching

We have an expert team on hand who can undertake bespoke on site stretching and re-stretching previously painted artwork. Our team will only re-stretch artwork on to Bird & Davis stretchers. Bird & Davis Ltd have travelled all around the world to stretch artwork and are truly proficient a this. Re-stretching fees are quoted on a job by job basis. please email us on for your personalised quote.

Express turn-around of work

For a fee, we can sometimes offer an express turnaround service. This is dependant on the volume of work in our factory. However, if there is something you need in double quick time, please do ask and we will try to accommodate your request.

Custom Made stretchers

We can custom make all types of stretchers to suit your particular needs. We have made all types of stretchers including those which are very small, extremely large, hinged stretchers and plated stretchers

Over size stretcher plating

When canvases reach a certain size, it is not possible to have single lengths of wood, as wood length is limited. Therefore, to achieve extra-large canvases, we can offer a service, where we use metal plates to bond lengths of wood and provide a system where our customers can benefit from extra large stretchers and canvases

Specialised Crates to transport stretchers

We appreciate that some customers wish to travel with their artwork or wish to transport canvases, stretchers or artwork to other countries. After years of specialising in this, we have devised a way of transporting these items by specialised crates, which we handmade to exact specifications. Please call us to discuss your needs.

Re-stretching work on to new stretchers

We regularly re-stretch artwork on to new stretchers, if old stretchers are tired and worn or if you want to re-size your artwork. We can meet your exact specifications so please call us to discuss your needs.

Easel Hire

From as little as £10 per easel per day, we offer Easel Hire. Please see our Easel Hire page for more details on this.