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Ideal for beginners and hobbyists, these da Vinci Series 375 Hobby & School Brushes are perfect for school and craft painting projects.

The hairs on these brushes are made from a very soft synthetic grey fibre, making them suitable for use with water-based paints such as Acrylic Paints and Poster Paints.

This particular da Vinci brush range are a Filbert shape. Filbert brushes have a flat head with an oval tip for creating a broad painting stroke with a soft edge.

Filbert Series 375 Brushes are available in the following sizes:

Size 4 = 2.4mm wide,
Size 6 = 3mm wide,
Size 8 = 3.5mm wide,
Size 10 = 3.8mm wide,
Size 12 = 4mm wide,
Size 16 = 4.5mm wide,
Size 20 = 5.3mm wide,


These brushes are durable and of a high quality. They are excellent value for money! The ferrule is made from aluminium and the green matt brush handles are very comfortable to hold.

With short handles, these da Vinci Brushes are suitable for all ages. da Vinci Hobby and School Brushes offer high performance when it comes to painting because the soft hairs are designed to hold the paint better than the traditional school brushes that tend to be made from natural hog hair.

This range of da Vinci Brushes is also available in round, flat and mottler shapes to suit different painting techniques.


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